Henry Rojas is best known as the creator of The Gorilla for the Phoenix Suns. Soon to be featured in an ESPN documentary, his antics and parodies won him international acclaim in the basketball world not simply as a mascot, but as a visual comedian and crowd pleaser. Since removing the mask, Henry has inspired audiences as a speaker. He has twenty-five years experience working with groups, individuals and organizations on issues ranging from performance issues, eating disorders, addiction recovery and spiritual abuse. His corporate clients have utilized his communication skills and unique teachings for corporate staff trainings and retreats. He is a friend to both the secular and religious community as he inspires others to seek the spiritual core of their identity without attempting to promote any particular religious brand or spirituality. While his experience takes him to corporate engagements, his entertaining style is still a favorite with the college crowd. His stories and humor make lasting impressions and the messages conveyed are not easily forgotten.Henry also has a private practice in Phoenix, Arizona where he coaches individuals and small groups to live the spiritual, personal and professional lives they’ve always dreamed of finding meaning in their life stories. Please visit the http://www.henryrojas.com for more information.


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